Data Scientists & Analytic Staff

Your passion is to provide the deep analytic insights that drive better business decisions and unsurpassed customer engagement. But, if you’re like many data scientists you’re spending most of your time learning new Big Data technologies rather than keeping your focus on “finding the signal.”

Business Executives

Your vision is that data will drive your business. Big Data is strategic, yet like most business executives you probably don’t know where to start transforming your vision into business value. And, your urgency to execute doesn’t give you time to learn “Big Data” or grapple with complex IT issues.

Application Developers

No more struggling to master all the new Big Data technologies, architectures and processes required to build scalable, distributed real-time analytic applications. Infochimps gives you a complete Big Data appliucation cloud service that delivers all the resources you need.

Technology Executives

Big Data is strategic to your enterprise businesses, yet many enterprise IT departments lack the skills and resources to successfully deliver the rapid time to value that business leaders demand. Infochimps Cloud is a complete Big Data solution – delivered 100% as an enterprise-class cloud service.