Our Approach to Big Data

Big Data is big, fast and complex

Big Data exceeds the capacity and structures of conventional databases. It’s too big, comes too fast and it’s too complex. To gain the value you seek from Big Data, you must process it in a new way.

Big Data is more than Hadoop

Our approach to Big Data is built around our big data cloud: three essential cloud services that deliver the full analytic capabilities needed to address any enterprise Big Data problem. Infochimps Cloud makes it faster and far less complex to develop and deploy Big Data applications.

  • Real-time analytics. We believe that turning data into value requires that enterprises operationalize their insights in real-time. To truly win, companies, must take advantage of the customer’s state of mind in the moment. Take action now with Infochimps Cloud::Streams — a stream processing cloud service that provides in-memory, real-time analytics, distributed ETL and complex event processing (CEP), all in a single cloud service.
  • Ad hoc analytics. We also believe that your enterprise needs the ability to explore your data to discover new insights. Business users need the ability to perform ad hoc queries of the data in “query-response” time. This is addressed with Infochimps Cloud::Queries — an advanced NoSQL cloud service that provides the ability to interact with and analyze billions of data elements.
  • Batch analytics. We believe that your enterprise needs to understand how your entire business operates quarter to quarter, season to season, year to year, by analyzing all operations holistically — sales, marketing, engineering, operations, finance, HR, etc. — over any and all periods of time. Finding the truth of how the business is running can only be done with the power of simplified batch analytics delivered by Infochimps Cloud::Hadoop.

And, Infochimps Cloud lets you deploy your Big Data applications wherever your data is — in public, private or virtual private clouds.

The Infochimps Difference

Speed + Focus = Value
Achieve your Big Data goals faster with rapid infrastructure deployment and application development tools and accelerators. Our cloud services subscription provides managed infrastructure, so your enterprise can focus on business value, not herding complex machines.

Developer-Friendly, Enterprise Proven
Leverage the skills and people you already have. Cloud scale and agility meets enterprise-ready.

Real-time, Interactive Big Data
The world’s best applications are driven by interactive queries and fresh data. We couple Hadoop with Storm and Kafka for real-time stream processing — plus a variety of NoSQL and SQL databases for interactive querying. Data is live, and queries are quick. By cleaning and processing data on the way in, your data lands in data stores analytics-ready.

All Your Data, A Single Cloud
Tap into virtually any data source or application you need, both internal and external to your enterprise. Our HTTP, Syslog, and Batch Upload integration connectors provide flexible interfaces for massive collection and processing of inbound data.

Cloud Flexibility and Mobility
Multiple deployment options let you deploy to where you data is. Leverage hybrid cloud environments or geographically distributed deployments. Get a development system running quickly in the public cloud then transition to a production system in your own data center. Never worry about cloud lock-in again.