Industry Solutions

Industries are unique, but they all share the need for simpler Big Data

Every industry faces huge opportunities and unique challenges leveraging Big Data to create new business value. They are all dealing with the Big Data imperative: converting massive volumes of data into the keen customer and business insights that will propel their companies into the future. And, as different as their businesses may be, they all share a common set of problems: Big Data projects are too complex, take too long to deploy and often yield less than expected.

Infochimps Cloud makes it possible for enterprises to easily implement robust Big Data solutions, unlocking the value of their data with unequaled speed, scale and flexibility.


Media & Advertising

Big Data is transforming advertising. Today, advertisers have an abundance of consumer data that enables them to precisely target ads by product, message, offer or virtually any other parameter. The objective? To get the right ad in front of relevant, motivated consumers to build brands and grow sales.


Retail, Ecommerce & Consumer Products

Consumers are fickle, especially in the online world, and retailers need to work hard and move fast to retain their loyalty. To succeed in this dynamic environment, retailers need to understand and guide every step on the consumer’s path to purchase.



As with other enterprises, manufacturers seek to leverage Big Data-driven analytics to achieve customer insight, operational flexibility and competitive advantage. Manufacturers have always been focused on the numbers, and Big Data is transforming this focus in significant ways.


Financial Services

Effectively using all available data to drive real-time decisions is a cornerstone strategy in the financial services industry, acting on hundreds of millions of market signals, transactions and customer interactions each day. Big Data enables break-through financial services strategies.



The near ubiquity of mobile devices in every aspect of our modern lives means that we are generating a phenomenal volume of data. Service providers are collecting data about everything from location to web browsing history to who’s calling — and texting — whom. This data needs to be integrated and analyzed in real-time.



Healthcare is being revolutionized by Big Data, with the focus on improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. Digital patient records, personalized treatment plans, tracking disease outbreaks across global populations and improving patient engagement all require effective use of Big Data.