Big Data doesn’t need to be so hard

We provide value faster and with less complexity with a cloud services approach

Infochimps™ Cloud is a suite of cloud services that makes it faster and far less complex to develop and deploy Big Data applications. Our cloud services handle all of the complex Big Data technologies and processes, giving you a simple, developer-friendly interface. Infochimps Cloud lets you focus on creating the applications that will drive value for your business instead of spending your time managing a Big Data “infrastructure stack.”

Infochimps Cloud eliminates all the implementation headaches caused by Big Data enabling your Big Data applications to be completed quickly and fully achieve their objectives.

Working with Big Data shouldn’t require you to hire rocket scientists or send your team to 12 weeks of Hadoop boot camp. Infochimps and our partners empower your existing teams to implement any data-driven application your Big Data vision requires. We help you leverage the people and resources you already have.


Flexible, cost-effective cloud deployment

With Infochimps, you have the freedom to deploy Big Data applications anywhere

Infochimps makes it possible for you to deploy your Big Data applications anywhere you choose, however you want. Combining Infochimps Cloud services with a wide range of deployment options plus an emerging network of Big Data system integrators, Infochimps Cloud is helping enterprises easily address their hardest Big Data challenges.

  • Public Cloud — Instant scalability, ease of use and rapid application development provided by multi-tenant public clouds.
  • Virtual Private Cloud — Trusted 24/7-hosted, single-tenant environments with enterprise-class service level agreements.
  • Private Cloud — A private Big Data cloud hosted on-premise, behind your own firewall.


Developing a Big Data application has never been easier

Infochimps speeds and simplifies Big Data application development

Whether you are developing applications yourself or leveraging value-added professional services from Infochimps or our partners, we make sure you quickly and easily achieve all your application objectives.

  • Wukong – Use a simple scripting-based language (technically: a domain specific language, or DSL) instead of complex MapReduce programming to rapidly develop and deploy Hadoop batch analytics and real-time stream analytics using Storm. Develop, test and iterate in your local environment, then easily deploy to operational systems at full scale.
  • Application Reference Designs – Accelerate your Big Data application development with use case specific application designs and code-building starter kits.
  • Cloud APIs – Program against both native and abstracted APIs that let you tap into the power of Hadoop, Storm stream processing, NoSQL databases and more.