How it Works

nfochimps™ Cloud is a suite of cloud services that makes it faster and far less complex to develop and deploy Big Data applications

Big Data applications solve real business problems — via analytics, data flows, scalable storage and flexible, interactive interfaces. The consumers of your applications and insights may be your own employees, business partners or customers.


Cloud::Streams — Streaming data and real-time analytics. We believe that turning data into value requires that enterprises operationalize their insights in real-time. Take advantage of your customer’s state of mind in the moment. Take action NOW with Infochimps Cloud::Streams — a stream processing cloud service that provides in-memory, real-time analytics, distributed ETL and complex event processing (CEP), all in a single cloud service.

Cloud::Queries — NoSQL database and ad hoc, query-based analytics. We also believe that your enterprise needs the ability to explore your data to discover new insights. Business users need the ability to perform ad hoc queries of the data in “query-response” time. This is addressed with Infochimps Cloud::Queries — an advanced NoSQL cloud service that provides the ability to interact with and analyze billions of data elements.

Cloud::Hadoop — Elastic Hadoop clusters and batch analytics. We believe that your enterprise needs to understand how your entire business operates quarter to quarter, season to season, year to year, by analyzing all operations holistically — sales, marketing, engineering, operations, finance, HR, etc. — over any and all periods of time. Finding the truth of how the business is running can only be done with the power of simplified batch analytics delivered by Infochimps Cloud::Hadoop.


Infochimps Cloud is fast, flexible and enterprise-class

Collect data — Infochimps Cloud provides many ways to get data into the system. Our Integration Connectors allow for virtually any data volume, velocity, or type to be collected. Data collection can happen either in batch, from databases, or preferably — as live, real-time feeds. Integration Connectors include HTTP posts or streams, various methods of collecting machine log data, Infochimps data partners, batch upload of data and custom connectors for legacy systems or databases.

Big Data cloud — These are the underlying machines that Infochimps manages, hosts, and supports for you. Cloud::Streams performs real-time streaming analytics, as well as making sure that data is reliability delivered to Cloud::Hadoop, Cloud::Queries, or other targets like legacy databases, Hadoop clusters, and applications.

Process data — You can use traditional ways of interacting with Hadoop, such as with Java MapReduce, higher-level language Pig, SQL-like interface Hive, etc. You can also leverage Storm’s native API using Trident. However, you can also utilize Wukong, which allows for developing data flows and processors locally, and seamlessly transitioning that business logic to either a real-time context in Cloud::Streams, or a batch context in a Cloud::Hadoop. Wukong scripts work in both streaming and batch environments.

Query data — Our Cloud APIs let you orchestrate your infrastructure and gain abstracted visibility, but the API layer also includes many native APIs and interfaces that come with any of the databases and Hadoop clusters we offer. These interfaces are where you perform interactive business queries for ad hoc insights, as well as access data to power your big data applications.

Command Center — The web-based GUI for controlling and monitoring your Infochimps Cloud applications and data flows.