Cloud Queries

Ad hoc and interactive analytics

Power your Big Data applications with data you can query

Cloud::Queries, a cloud service delivered by Infochimps Cloud, enables advanced distributed text search, any-format document storage and database tables with more than 1B rows — structured and un-structured. Databases and data storage are provided as a cloud service, including worry-free database maintenance, updates and support. Depending on your application requirements, multiple storage technologies may be appropriate including NoSQL and New SQL databases such as HBase, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MongoDB or even MySQL. Whatever your needs, with Cloud::Queries you’ll have the most powerful cloud database for the job, scaling to the needs of your business and providing APIs that will support your most demanding ad hoc and interactive queries and applications.


  • Eliminate frustrations of large-scale database administration and data management
  • Tight integration with Big Data processing workflows and delivery paths results for a truly comprehensive Big Data stack
  • Linearly scalable, distributed systems support of the most demanding applications and analytics queries


  • Hadoop-friendly, column-oriented stores with ability to query billions of rows and millions of columns of semi-structured data
  • Distributed full-text search stores with support for structured schema-free JSON documents, multi-language, geolocation, multiple indices, and powerful grouping and filtering capabilities
  • REST APIs for easy data access
  • Linear and modular scalability with strictly consistent reads and writes
  • Integrated backup and disaster recovery