Cloud Hadoop

Elastic Hadoop and large-scale batch analytics

The easiest way to configure and manage Hadoop clusters in the cloud

Your team recognizes the power that massively parallel data analysis can provide, and Hadoop is the standard to handle massively scalable data. Cloud::Hadoop, a cloud service delivered by Infochimps™ Cloud, is the ideal Hadoop solution. Turn clusters on at a moment’s notice with advanced elastic spin-up/spin-down capabilities, scale and customize on the fly and leverage tools such as Pig, Hive and Wukong that make Hadoop easier to use and much more useful for enterprises.


  • Focus on building applications and answering business questions, not on keeping an extremely complex Hadoop cluster happy and performant
  • Scale up to meet any data processing demand through superior elasticity
  • Be more efficient with resources, while still having quick access to HDFS data, with instantly elastic and high performing clusters
  • Write your analytics once when leveraging Wukong, then run both in batch with Cloud::Hadoop and in real-time streaming with Cloud::Streams


  • Distributed, fault-tolerant computing framework and resource manager for processing data at scale
  • Streaming services, Cloud::Streams, for loading data in real time from any and all necessary data inputs (HTTP, syslog, HDFS, Amazon S3, HBase, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, standard RDBMs, etc.)
  • Languages, libraries, and tools for data processing/analysis and workflow management (MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Wukong, R, Mahout)
  • Integrated backup and disaster recovery
  • Elastic clusters scale up and down as business needs change
  • Quickly spin up and down ephemeral, ad-hoc Hadoop environments
  • Tailor your specific use of Hadoop based on the job at hand, not the other way around