Digital Element IP Intelligence Geolocation


A geolocation API with 20 fields of search results, all customized to your IP query. Search by IP address to return data about a geographical area, including country, region, city, internet connection speed, global coordinates, postal and country codes, time zone, and even daylight savings observation status. Looking for more dimensions of IP searchable data? Try the Demographics API, returning numerous geo data points of household and other demographics information. Or the Domains API that retrieves domain, company name and even NAICS Code for a given IP address.

Check out the App Gallery tab to view how this intelligence can provide a unique custom experience for users of your business, tool or program. See how other API enthusiasts have put the Geolocation API to work!

The Digital Element APIs simplify your search by grouping data points into categories: Domain API, Gelocation API and Demographic API. Looking for more specific IP to Geo data? Check out a bounty of data sets that link IP address geolocation data to the United States Census 2000 data.

Test the functionality of the API now using the “Sample Request” below. Enter an IP address into the “ip” field to sample the geo data returned by the API. Or, sign up for the API now to access the full functionality.

How the Digital Element Geolocation API works:

The first 5,000 calls per month for this data are free. After that, the calls cost $3.35/1,000 calls. We will tally your usage at the end of every month and bill your credit card. Any calls to any Digital Element data will be included in this total.

About Digital Element:

Digital Element is the premier supplier for IP geolocation data. Their data is used by a number of large internet companies, including, AOL, and Their data has been independently verified to be 99% accurate at country level, and 95% accurate at the city level worldwide. Now this data is available at an economic price for the world’s small businesses and application developers.