About us

Big Data. Big Results.

Established in 2008 as a advertising & financial software consulting firm.

Our mission is to help you make better decisions by effectively leveraging Big Data

Infochimps was founded by  data scientists, cloud computing, and open source experts. Our solutions make it faster, easier and far less complex to build and manage Big Data systems behind applications to quickly deliver actionable insights. With Infochimps Cloud, enterprises benefit from the fastest way to deploy Big Data applications in complex, hybrid cloud environments.

We believe that Big Data empowers change

We’re here to change the world. We believe that the better you can wrangle and analyze data, the better informed you will be and thus the better decisions you can make. And, more importantly, we believe we can make it happen for any organization. Consumers gain more choice and enterprises can improve profits and customer satisfaction at the same time. Data will get you there.

We’re Big Data, Cloud, and Open Source experts

We take a special pride in being among the best minds in Big Data, cloud as a delivery model, and open source technologies. Not just to be the smartest person in the room, but rather it’s a philosophy that guides us. We know a lot and we want to learn more. We hunger for it. We want to learn from you and your data. We want to learn how you are doing things so that, in the end, we can create new ways to make your data deliver.

We want to help you solve your hardest problems

We’re fascinated by “Why?” Everyone at Infochimps has a strong spirit of curiosity. This fuels our passion for data and not just finding the answers you are looking for — we mean finding answers to the questions you didn’t know to ask. We believe that a partnership with Infochimps will help you solve your tough business and data problems, not just to gain a suite of technology (even if the technology is pretty awesome).

Join Our Team

Infochimps hires only the best and the brightest to join our team. Be an influential member of one of the finest data science and scalable backend teams in the world.

The Team

Nate Nead
Chief Executive Officer
Dnyanesh Gangamwar
Chief Operations Officer
Aman Jain
Chief Technology Manager
Timothy Carter
Chief Revenue Officer
Samuel Edwards
Chief Marketing Officer
Ryan Nead
VP of Sales
Chris Gylseth
Project Manager
Project Manager
Project Manager
Sales Manager
Project Manager
Video Content Manager
UI/UX developer
Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer
Backend developer
Full Stack Developer
Frontend developer
Full Stack Developer
Full Stack developer
Full Stack Developer
Software developer
Backend developer
Backend developer
Frontend developer
Senior PHP developer
Senior PHP developer