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  • Thinking About Mixing Drinks

    Offsite — The inspiration for this project came from our personal experiences with poorly mixed and very poor tasting drinks. Especially among college students with limited resources, it is common to find strange mixtures. Through our visualization, we wanted to look into the compatibility of various drinks to be able to offer a resource for people to use to figure out what ...
  • Titan and Armada Car Parts and Part Numbers List

    Offsite — A near complete list of Nissan Tundra and Armada parts along with their part numbers.
  • Trulia

    Offsite — Trulia is a real estate search engine that provides buyers with information about homes for sale, real estate trends and local market information. The Trulia API allows you to add data about regional real estate listings and Trulia search trends to your application utilizing the following libraries from the Trulia API: LocationInfo: Allows you to get the following ...
  • TweetFeel API

    Offsite — The TweetFeel Twitter Sentiment API allows you programmatically discover real-time sentiment about a particular keyword or phrase using data from Twitter. You can track how your brand is perceived over time, discover customer pain points, or find real-life positive quotes that can help promote your product. More information and a web interface can be found at TweetFeel.
  • Twitter Word Usage

    No Data — The service for this API has ceased Our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause. Twitter word statistics for any term! Discover how commonly a given word is used on Twitter. This Twitter word API allows you to query a term and access valuable statistics about its usage on Twitter. Query any term to obtain word usage statistics, including global frequency, ...
  • UK Museums and Galleries - Monthly Visits

    Offsite — This data set provides figures from 2004 to the present on the number of visits to museums and galleries in the UK, including the Tate Modern, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the British Museum. The visit figures are updated on the first working day of each month, and will be one month behind to allow time for the museums and galleries to collect the data. The total ...
  • US Commodity Research Bureau Futures Price Index: 1980 to 2006

    Free Download — US commodities categorized as soft, industrials, grains and oilseeds, energy, livestock, meats, and metals and their price index from 1980 to 2006. The data comes from the Commodity Research Bureau (CRB), CRB Commodity Index Report. See the attached notes for the background and history on the CRB Futures Price Index, and methods of calculation. Format The Statistical ...
  • USA Today API

    Offsite — USA Today’s network will serve as a home for their content APIs and as a community for developers that want to discover, engage with and communicate about their content. After reading our terms of use, USA Today encourages developers to sign up for access and get to coding!
  • WeatherBug API

    Offsite — WeatherBug is the worlds best source for intelligent weather information. The WeatherBug API lets developers tap into that data source and develop their own customized weather applications, or utilize intelligent weather information in their own applications and web sites.
  • WhitePages Pro API

    Offsite — For the first time, is making available its people search functionality and data through a free API. With the API beta, you have access to data for millions of people in the United States.
  • Wikilocation Geolocation API

    Offsite — An API for Wikipedia that would allow you to search for entries based on geo-location information. Wikilocation is a full RESTful web API service for developers wishing to search for Wikipedia articles by location. The data is gathered by downloading the Wikipedia database on a weekly basis and then parsing all of the geocoded entries. This data is then stored in a ...
  • Wikimapia API

    Offsite — Wikimapia API is a system that allows you to receive data from Wikimapia’s maps. You can easily integrate Wikimapia Geo Data into your external application or web site. And it’s all free. “We provide you with free access to Wikimapia DB, collected by our contributors, with the aim to help the geographic community to use this data not only on Wikimapia site, but through ...
  • World of Warcraft Avatar History (WoWAH) Dataset

    Offsite — From the perspective of game system designers, players’ behavior is one of the most important factors they must consider when designing game systems. To gain a fundamental understanding of the game play behavior of online gamers, exploring users’ game play time provides a good starting point. This is because the concept of game play time is applicable to all genres of ...
  • YellowAPI

    Offsite — Yellow API is an application programming interface that allows you to stream top Canadian local search content into your applications. Using YellowAPI’s database of over 1.5 million business listings and associated rich content , you can deliver the best data to your users without the need for your own directory. YellowAPI is constantly searching for new ways to provide ...
  • Yelp 2.0 for Developers

    Offsite — The API enables you to search for reviews by business type, neighborhood or geographical boundary as well as for a specific individual business. The Yelp v2.0 API includes a search and business API for searching and viewing of business information. The version 2 API produces more relevant search results which more closely match the results of the web site and mobile ...