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  • 5gig API

    Offsite — wants to help you to find out about the latest concerts, the best sessions and the festivals you can’t miss. Another of its aims is to support small and big artists spreading the popularity of events through comments, votes and new social promotion techniques on the Internet. Apart from all this, has a database with over 400.000 artists and thousands ...
  • Appinions API

    Offsite — Appinions is a powerful and flexible platform that discovers and extracts opinions from around the Web, and then lets the results to be displayed in a variety of ways. For developers, Appinions provide several different ways to create customized applications to meet your needs. This includes configuring their existing applications, or using their API to build new ...
  • Average Number of Years of Life Remaining by Sex, Race, and Age: 1979 to 2003

    Free Download — The dataset gives the average number of years an individual in the US has left to live, given their age, sex and race. The data is from 1979 to 2003. The figures are derived from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 54, No.14, April 19, 2006. Format The Statistical Abstract files are distributed by the US Census ...
  • Break Dancing and Ballet Dancing Sequences

    Offsite — Each sequence is 100 frames long. The camera resolution is 1024×768 and the capture rate is 15fps. The depth data were computed using the stereo technique described in Siggraph’04 paper and should not be regarded as ground truth. Each dataset was broken up into five parts due to its large size. Each dataset has two text files: calibParams-breakdancers.txt or ...
  • Clean Air Choice Vehicles 2009

    Free Download — The data set is composed of a list of the official Clean Air Choice Vehicles in 2009. Included in the data is: Year Make Model MPG- cit and the MPG – Hwy Carbon Footprint (Co2 tons/yr) Engine Family CARB Rating.
  • CloudMade

    Offsite — CloudMade enables you to build dramatically different Location Enabled Applications and Services. CloudMade provides application developers with a range of innovative tools and APIs that let you create unique location based applications across all major web and mobile platforms. Today there are 19,204 developers using CloudMade’s tools to create applications that delight ...
  • Content by CityGrid API

    Free Download — Content by CityGrid® gives you access to rich, local business listings to enhance your existing user experience or create new local destinations. They also provide tools to completely power your local search experience and additional functionality, such as reviews and deals. With the CityGrid APIs, you can create mobile applications and websites that have access to the ...
  • Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) and Outside CBSA Population by US State: 2000 to 2006

    Free Download — The dataset compares states’ Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) populations and populations outside of CBSA in 2000, 2005 and 2006. The term “Core Based Statistical Area” (CBSA) is a collective term for both metro and micro areas. A metro area contains a core urban area of 50,000 or more population, and a micro area contains an urban core of at least 10,000 (but less ...
  • deCarta

    Offsite — deCarta’s APIs provide all the mapping functionality you need for your application (think maps on steroids). You may use them all or just a piece as you build your next killer app.
  • Directory of Lawyers

    Offsite — The dataset is derived from the Southern District of West Virginia’s website website, and includes the lawyer’s name, law firm, address, phone number, fax number, email address, and case numbers.
  • Employment Projections Data: Lawyers

    Offsite — The dataset from the National Employment Matrix provides the projected employment numbers for lawyers in the United States. The dataset divides the data by industry, while comparing 2008 figures with projected 2018 figures. The Employment Projections Program: Job openings result from the relationship between the population, labor force, and demand for goods and ...
  • EventBrite API

    Offsite — At EventBrite, they value the innovation that 3rd party developers bring to their business. EventBrite believes that anyone can be an event organizer. That’s why they’ve created tools that make it easy to sell tickets to all kinds of events — whether it’s a photography class or a sold-out concert, an inspiring conference or an air-guitar competition. With Eventbrite, ...
  • Eventful Concert and Event API

    Offsite — Eventful is the world’s largest collection of events, taking place in local markets throughout the world, from concerts and sports to singles events and political rallies. It is built upon a unique, open platform that enables partners and web applications to leverage Eventful’s data, features and functionality via the Eventful API.
  • EveryBlock partner API

    Offsite — This API is designed to provide you with raw access to the latest neighborhood news on EveryBlock, across all of the current EveryBlock metros. But because EveryBlock deals with a diversity of news — we index everything from blog posts to crime reports, and information varies by city. EveryBlock is the best way to follow neighborhood news and connect with your neighbors ...
  • FanFeedr API

    Offsite — The FanFeedr API allows developers to access aggregated sports content and data. FanFeedr’s platform contains over 8,000 feeds from mainstream media, blogger, and other sports sources that are categorized in real-time against 55,000 athletes and 4,000 teams. In addition, our API provides access to various data for events and team resources. The FanFeedr API provides ...
  • Fine Arts Database from

    Offsite — The Fine Arts Database records information on federally owned art in the control of the GSA; this includes the location, current condition and information on artists. Fine Arts Database (FAD)
  • Genability: Electricity Price Data

    Offsite — Genability’s APIs will give you detailed and accurate information about your power costs, more accurate ROI calculations on energy usage, generation and efficiency measures, build pricing into your consumer facing energy apps, and comprehensive, up-to-date, hassle free data. The public datasets we’ve made available include: Tariffs (with full details, searchable by ...
  • Goldenware Travel Technologies

    Offsite — Goldenware’s core strength lies in its management of airline schedules data and related ancillary information. This includes worldwide minimum connect times, flight itineraries, aircraft type, airline codes, city/airport codes with latitude/longitude co-ordinates, and time zones. Goldenware’s extensive library of Web Services APIs utilizes this information and provides a ...
  • Hieroglyphics Infoboxes

    Free Download — This dataset consists of a collection of Infoboxes from Wikipedia on the topic of Hieroglyphics and ancient Egypt.
  • Hoover's API

    Offsite — Hoover’s API is an application programming interface that allows you to stream reliable, on-demand business information into your enterprise-wide systems, or commercial software and web applications. Using Hoover’s database of industry information, 65 million company records and 85 million people records, you can deliver valuable business insight to your employees and ...