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  • U.S. Trademark Data

    Offsite — Trademark data from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • UCI KDD Archive

    Offsite — Repository of large data sets for knowledge discovery research. See also: UCI Machine Learning Repository.
  • UCI Machine Learning Repository

    Offsite — Repository of data sets for machine learning research.
  • UK Data Archive

    Offsite — Large collection of data on social sciences and humanities topics in the UK.
  • UK Neighbourhood Statistics API

    Offsite — SOAP-based API from the UK Office of National Statistics for accessing data about UK neighborhoods. Includes data on the 2001 Census, Access to Services, Community Well-Being/Social Environment, Crime and Safety, Economic Deprivation, Education, Skills and Training, Health and Care, Housing, Indicators, Indices of Deprivation, People and Society, Physical Environment and ...
  • UMass Amherst Linguistics Sentiment Corpora

    Offsite — N-gram counts extracted from over 700,000 online product reviews in Chinese, English, German and Japanese. Formatted to be read as R data frames. By Noah Constant, Christopher Davis, Christopher Potts and Florian Schwarz. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
  • UN Data API Project

    Offsite — Unofficial API version of the data made available by the United Nations on the UNdata site. REST API hosted on Google’s Java AppEngine, with results returned in XML and JSON. Outputs compatible with the Linked Data Initiative.
  • UNdata

    Offsite — Search United Nations data and download in XML, comma-separated values, semicolon-separated values and pipe-separated values formats.
  • UNEP Global Environment Outlook Data Portal

    Offsite — Datasets used by United Nations Environment Programme and its partners in the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) report, covering themes like Freshwater, Population, Forests, Emissions, Climate, Disasters, Health and GDP. Data can be displayed as maps, graphs or tables and downloaded in various formats.
  • UNESCO Institute for Statistics Data Centre

    Offsite — Data on education, literacy, science and technology, culture and communication from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), downloadable in Microsoft Excel, comma-delimited ASCII and semicolon-delimited ASCII formats.
  • United Kingdom Hansard

    Offsite — Text of British parliamentary debates. No developer-friendly download options; HTML parsing required. See the Parliament Parser.
  • Unofficial Chicago Transit Authority API

    Offsite — An unofficial, RESTful API for the Chicago Transit Authority. Get data for bus locations and routes. Results returned in XML. By Harper Reed.

    Offsite — Access to U.S. government contract, grant and other award data, downloadable in CSV and XML formats as well as via API.
  • USDA Economic Research Service Datasets

    Offsite — Over 100 datasets from the United States Department of Agriculture, ranging from information about food availability in the U.S. to stats on the costs of specific agricultural products, like fertilizer and milk. Most data available for download as XLS.
  • USGS Earthquake Data

    Offsite — Latest earthquake data, available in CSV, XML, KML and Cube formats.
  • USGS Mineral Resources Data

    Offsite — Collection of downloadable datasets on mineral resources in the U.S.
  • Voteview

    Offsite — U.S. Senate and House roll call data and other political data compiled by Keith T. Poole and Howard Rosenthal. ASCII text.
  • Washington, D.C. Citywide Data Warehouse

    Offsite — The Washington, D.C. Citywide Data Warehouse, also known as the DC Data Catalog, is a comprehensive collection of government activity data from the District of Columbia.
  • API

    Offsite — Query the U.S. political data hub in a variety of ways. The site is designed to be machine-readable as well as human-readable.
  • We Feel Fine API

    Offsite — We Feel Fine is a data collection engine that scours the internet every ten minutes, harvesting and identifying expressions of human feelings from a large number of blogs. 15,000 to 20,000 feelings are identified and saved per day. You can use the We Feel Fine API to access this data. Optional parameters include feeling, gender, weather conditions and country. By Sep ...