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  • Monkey Movies: The List

    Offsite — Monkey Movies: motion pictures using non-human primates to brainwash you!! This is it: The List, our fecal roster of monkey movies. Call some of the simian appearances coincidental if you wish, but note the recurring pattern of use in movies and media. Don’t let Hollywood manipulate you! Have you seen a case of manipulation through monkeys? Add to the list of offenders!
  • NCAA Financial Reports Database 2004 - 2005

    Offsite — This is the most detailed, publicly available database of college athletic department financial information ever assembled. It comes from forms required by the NCAA for the 2004-05 school year. While the NCAA reports such information only in aggregate, the data is presented here by individual school - with the ability for users to sort by category and conference, and to ...
  • Validated March Data 2011 - Measuring Broadband Data

    Offsite — This reference page for Measuring Broadband America provides the validated data set that was used to produce this Report. It includes the detailed results for all 13 tests that were run as part of this study, in addition to the results of a separate quality metric run to assess which reporting units were available. The March 2011 data set was validated as discussed in ...