Dhruv Bansal


Chief Science Officer of Infochimps, Inc.

Uploaded datasets

6 datasets
  • American Community Survey: Vermont 2005-2009 Detailed Tables

    Free Download — The American Community Survey is disparately stored on the US Census FTP site as it is primarily meant for local community planning. The ACS is an ongoing survey that provides data every year, giving communities the current information they need to plan investments and services. Since the ACS survey has more detailed information than the US 10-year census including ...
  • Cambridge Cluster Database -- Coordinates of Gas, Metal, Molecular, &c. Cluster Global Minima

    Offsite — The Cambridge Cluster Database contains pictures, coordinate files, and references to publications of the global minima of various collections of atoms. Rare gas clusters, molecular clusters, metals, model clusters, binary clusters, and other ...
  • Complete ASCII Character Codes

    Offsite — Link to a website with very complete and well-curated lists of information about the ASCII character set. Includes decimal, hexadecimal, and unicode codes for all 128 characters in the basic ASCII character set along with images and descriptions. Provides similar information for several extended ASCII character sets, including those distributed by vendors like IBM and ...
  • List of bad words

    Free Download — A list of bad words.
  • Mime Types by File Extension

    Free Download — A list
  • Mr Monkey's Index of Famous Monkeys

    Offsite — A list of famous monkey names.