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Directs product @Infochimps. Writes code & stories. Before, @Techdirt, CNET and mySimon. Lives in SF. Schooled @Cornell. From Ohio. Rides bikes. Consumes music.

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  • 2010 Political Candidates

    Free Download — As found on — this is the set of data that we used for our 2010 Political Wordbag analysis. Yah.
  • Candidate Wordbags

    Free Download — Using the list of Politicians found from the FEC, we pulled just the tweets that mention each candidate’s full name. Then, we ran word bag analysis on sets of tweets that mention each candidates’ names.
  • Major League Baseball Team Salaries and Wins

    No Data — In Major League Baseball, team salaries vary widely, but does that mean that teams can actually just pay for wins? As Moneyball recently explained to us, perhaps not, since wins don’t necessarily correlate directly with how much you pay your players. This data set combines the baseball team salary data at USAToday, and the win data from to make it ...
  • Neighborhood Boundary Data by Factle Maps

    Offsite — Neighborhood Boundary Data Hand drawn polygons that follow street boundaries and other major distinguishing land traits such as railroads, rivers, highways, etc. Find out more about why it’s important to use land traits as distinct dividing lines that form borders… Covering the majority of the major US cities, Factle’s neighborhood boundaries come in the form of the geo ...
  • Neighborhood Demographic Data by Factle Maps

    Offsite — Neighborhood Demographic Data Factle also offers demographic data that matches with it’s neighborhoods, with over 100 attributes the data allows companies and researchers alike to quantify the specifics in a neighborhood and compare them with neighborhoods side by side.