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  • Finding the best Chicago Style Pizza in SF

    Free Download — This experiment involved 12 tasters eating fresh Chicago-style pan, not stuffed, cheese pizzas from three San Francisco pizza joints: Patxi’s, Zachary’s, and Little Star. Also, two pizzas were shipped frozen from Chicago and reheated as part of the study. The experiment was done double-blind. See this blog post of the experiment for more details.
  • Twitter Sentiment Dataset 2008 Debates

    Offsite — Twitter Sentiment Dataset from the 1st 2008 Presidential Debate Nick Diakopoulos and myself analysed the sentiment of tweets to characterize the Presidential debates. You can read about it in this paper. For this work, we collected sentiment judgements on 3,238 tweets from the first 2008 Presidential debate. Some notes about this data: Twitter owners own their tweets. ...