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  • Appalachian Trail Waypoints List

    Free Download — A .csv list of shelters, towns, and features along the Appalachian Trail, and their mileage to Springer and Kathadin from The Appalachian Trail Database (
  • Hello

    No Data
  • List of Mitch Hedberg Jokes &c.

    Offsite — From wikiquote ( a large list of jokes from Mitch Hedberg.
  • List of Shipwrecks

    Offsite — from Wikipedia: a list of shipwrecks that have been located, organized by country and body of water.
  • Magic: The Gathering Card Lists

    Offsite — From Wizards of the Coast via Crystal Keep, the lists and spoilers for all M:TG cards from Alpha – 2009
  • Master List of Lego Parts

    Free Download — From Peeron (, a .txt list of part numbers and descriptions used by Lego.
  • World of Warcraft Bulk Census Data

    Offsite — Running census of the number of characters per server, per level, and per race, playing World of Warcraft Census data provided by
  • Yahoo Stock Search

    No Data — A stock quote API for historical stock quotes from the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ from 1962 – 2011, including daily open, close, low, high, exchange and trading volume figures. Each query to the API returns stock quotes across those fields in chronological order. Sample Results: open 16.1 adj_close 8.41 close 16.82 high 16.85 symbol AAPL date 20011010 ...