12 datasets
  • Reuters Spotlight - Article and Media API

    Offsite — The Reuters Spotlight service provides Reuters.com content in the form of multimedia articles, pictures, videos and text news through a set standards based consumer XML APIs. The Spotlight service also provides an option to receive the content automatically annotated with rich semantic metadata.
  • Open Street Map - UK Extracts

    Offsite — About UK extracts from [Open Street Map](http://ckan.net/package/read/osm).
  • OpenStreetMap

    Offsite — OpenStreetMap (OSM) is aimed at creating and providing free geodata such as street maps to anyone who wants them. The project was started because most maps you think of as free actually have legal or technical restrictions on their use, holding back people from using them in creative, productive or unexpected ways. The planet.osm file described at the download link above ...
  • Web FAQ collection | ILPS

  • APRS World Database

    Offsite — [begin excerpt from Integrating the Aprsworld Database Into Your Application] The aprsworld.net project was started in March 2001 by James Jefferson Jarvis, KB0THN. The goal from the beginning has ben to parse the APRS internet stream into data that can be stored in a relational database system. As the time of writing (September 2003) about 1 million raw APRS packets ...
  • Freebase Wikipedia Extraction (WEX)

  • WikiXMLDB: Querying Wikipedia with XQuery

  • Index of /data/sequence/mnist

  • The SEC's EDGAR Database

    Offsite — This directory contains raw data from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR, Electronic Data-Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, database. Since 1934, the SEC has required disclosure in forms and documents. In 1984, EDGAR began collecting electronic documents to help investors get information. Format This directory contains XML-transformed SEC feeds ...
  • SEC Edgar Interactive Data Filings and RSS Feeds

    Offsite — You can search information collected by the SEC several ways: Company or fund name, ticker symbol, CIK (Central Index Key), file number, state, country, or SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Most recent filings Full text (past four years) Boolean and advanced searching, including addresses Key mutual fund disclosures Mutual fund voting records Mutual fund ...
  • Fire Calls-For-Service (Responses) from DataSF.org

    Offsite — Fire Calls-For-Service includes all fire units responses to calls. Each record includes the call number, incident number, address, unit identifier, call type, and disposition. All relevant time intervals are also included. Because this dataset is based on responses, and since most calls involved multiple units, there are multiple records for each call number. Addresses ...
  • Fire Incidents from DataSF.org

    Offsite — Fire Incidents includes a summary of each (non-medical) incident to which the SFFD responded. Each incident record includes the call number, incident number, address, number and type of each unit responding, call type (as determined by dispatch), prime situation (field observation), actions taken, and property loss. Addresses are associated with a block number, not with ...