3 datasets
  • South Australian Sheet Music (State Library of South Australia) from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 220.95KB dataset from data.gov.au. Selected sheet music (101 individual songs) related to or published in South Australia. The collection is particularly strong on the genre of patriotic songs from World War One and sentimental ballads. Includes full colour scan of the sheet music and additional contextual research.
  • War memorials in New South Wales from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 4.46MB dataset from data.gov.au. The Register of War Memorials in New South Wales lists the names and campaigns of servicemen and women who died in the line of duty and who have been commemorated on war memorials in NSW. The zip archive contains a tab delimited text file with Windows line endings. The data consists of over 160,000 rows. […]
  • World War One photographs by Frank Hurley from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 59.42KB dataset from data.gov.au. This series of photographs, taken August 1917- August 1918, was exhibited at The Kodak Salon, George Street, Sydney, in early 1919. The listing below is from the catalogue: `Catalogue of an exhibition of war photographs by Capt. F. Hurley, late official photographer with the A.I.F., held at the Kodak Salon, Sydney’