2 datasets
  • Retrosheet: Ballpark Data by Major League Baseball Franchise

    Offsite — All ballparks used for Major League Baseball that have opened since 1903 and many before that. The list for each park contains significant “firsts” to occur there. Parks used for 1 or 2 games are not included. Primary research was done by Jim Herdman and David Vincent. Please notify us of any additions or changes.
  • Major League Baseball Team Salaries and Wins

    No Data — In Major League Baseball, team salaries vary widely, but does that mean that teams can actually just pay for wins? As Moneyball recently explained to us, perhaps not, since wins don’t necessarily correlate directly with how much you pay your players. This data set combines the baseball team salary data at USAToday, and the win data from baseball-reference.com to make it ...