5 datasets
  • Twitter Census :: Developer Tools - Mapping from Twitter User Search ID to Twitter API IDs

    Free Download — Twitter data from millions of tweets! This is a download of Twitter data from March 2006 to November 2009. The data comes from analysis on the full set of tweets during that time period, which is 35 million users, over 500 million tweets, and more than 1 billion relationships between users. This dataset maps Twitter screen names to a user’s corresponding Twitter API ID ...
  • 11,000+ Youtube Videos

    Free Download — This dataset is useful for studying the dynamics of threaded comments in rich media sharing, as well as interesting participants in the conversations. This dataset involves a set of about 11,000 videos. Included is information about: tags number of views number of comments ratings textual content of the comments the authors and timestamps of the comments. Citation: ...
  • Digg.com Data Set

    Free Download — Digg is a social news website. The dataset spans, from August to November, 2008, when Digg’s cornerstone function still consisted of letting people vote stories up or down, called digging and burying, respectively. In the dataset, the total number of user-user links in the social graph is about 56,000 spanning over about 10,000 users. This dataset is useful for studying ...
  • Samples of Facebook users and Facebook user application installations

    Offsite — Two representative samples of (~1 million) Facebook users collected in April 2009 with friend list, privacy settings and network membership for each user. One representative sample of ~13K Facebook application installations by ~300K users. Two samples of weighted college Facebook users collected in Oct 2010.
  • FindTheBest.com User Profiles listing

    Offsite — Find Information about your friends at FindTheBest Users.