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  • U.S. Transportation Statistics

    Offsite — Compiled by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) these tables provide a wealth of publicly available information on U.S. transportation. Get stats on aviation, maritime, highway, and even pedestrian travel! Most tables are available for bulk download.
  • 3.5 Million+ US Domestic Flights from 1990 to 2009

    Free Download — Description: Over 3.5 million monthly domestic flight records from 1990 to 2009. Data are arranged as an adjacency list with metadata. Ready for immediate database import and analysis. Fields: Short name Type Description Origin String Three letter airport code of the origin airport Destination String Three letter airport code of the destination airport ...
  • List of publicly-accessible transit data feeds from googletransitdatafeed

    Offsite — This is a list of transit schedule data published by transit agencies and operators in GTFS format for developers to use. They contain scheduled times, stop locations, route information and optionally fare information and detailed route shapes. Another list of official GTFS data is maintained by the GTFS Data Exchange site. For details on the feed format, see the General ...
  • Forecasting Competition: RTA Freeway Travel Time Prediction

    Offsite — This competition requires participants to predict travel time on Sydney’s M4 freeway from past travel time observations. Forecasting travel times helps improve road safety and efficiency. Accurate predictions help commuters make informed decisions about when to travel and on what routes. This helps to lower intensity on problem arterials by encouraging motorists to use ...
  • US Domestic Flights From 1990 to 2009

    Free Download — A data set of over 3.5 million monthly domestic flight records from 1990 to 2009 (edges only). This is almost two decade’s worth of unique flight data! Fields: Short name Type Description Origin String Three letter airport code of the origin airport Destination String Three letter airport code of the destination airport Passengers Integer Number ...
  • SFO Noise Exceedance Data - Noise Exceedance Rating from DataSF.org

    No Data — The SFO Noise Exceedance Rating dataset contains data about aircraft noise exceedances collected from twenty-nine noise monitors on the peninsula starting in January 2005 and is updated monthly. The file contains monthly data by airline, their noise exceedance rating, their total noise exceedances, their total operations per month and their exceedances per thousand ...
  • SFO Passenger, Cargo, Aircraft Landing Datasets from DataSF.org

    No Data — The SFO air traffic datasets include passenger counts, cargo weight, and aircraft landing counts and landed weight at the airport. Data is updated quarterly, and in addition to the CSV format, there are sample Excel spreadsheets pre-populated with the data and with several pivot tables created as an example of how the data can be used. Data analysis tips are included on ...
  • San Francisco International Airport - Traffic Statistics (Aircraft Landing)

    Free Download — Traffic statistics for the San Francisco International Airport in csv format. This cargo data set contains data about cargo volume into and out of SFO, in both metric tons and pounds, with monthly totals by airline, region, and aircraft type. Notice Air travel is highly seasonal in nature. Comparisons to analyze whether air traffic is increasing or declining should be ...
  • San Francisco Bike Routes

    Free Download — This data set is a list of bike routes in San Francisco. As bicycles becomes a more popular means of transportation, so is knowing where the best routes are located. The bike routes in the data set have been classified by the street name they are on, their geo-coordinates, incline and type. San Francisco is famous for its steep hills, so the column dedicated to route ...
  • Congestion Data for Your City — Urban Mobility Information

    Offsite — Regional file containing the Urban Mobility and Congestion Statistics—congestion index, travel delay, fuel consumption, congestion cost—for every city included in the study. The files are in PDF format. You can get the numbers—all the numbers—for each of the 101 cities. You can also view the national congestion tables which provide comparison measurements for all 101 ...
  • FindTheBest.com Airplane Accidents listing

    Offsite — Find and compare airplane accidents around the world by location, date, number of injuries, aircraft type, pilot name, and more. Data from the National Transportation Safety Board.
  • FindTheBest.com Airport Codes listing

    Offsite — Find and compare airport codes from around the world by name, airport code, airport ID, location, country, date opened, date closed and more. Data from the US Department of Transportation.
  • FindTheBest.com ATVs and Quads listing

    Offsite — Find the best ATV or Quad for you by manufacturer, model, category, price, displacement, drive system, weight, towing capacity, engine type and more.
  • FindTheBest.com Hazmat Transportation listing

    Offsite — Find and compare hazardous materials transports by location, industry, transportation modes and more.
  • FindTheBest.com IATA Airline Codes listing

    Offsite — Review airline codes assigned by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) by carrier name, region of operation, carrier group and more. Data from the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics.
  • FindTheBest.com Mode of Transportation to Work listing

    Offsite — Find and compare modes of transportation to work in most US cities by the percent of people who drive, carpool, walk, work at home or use public transportation. Data from the US Census.
  • FindTheBest.com Port Facilities, Wharfs and Docks listing

    Offsite — Find and compare principal/commercial port facilities in the United States by name, location, commodity, waterway, and more.