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  • UN Crime Data and Trends

    Offsite — General Background The collection of statistics on crime at the international level was first considered in 1853. The Economic and Social Council, in its resolution 1984/48 of 25 May 1984, requested that the Secretary-General maintain and develop the United Nations crime-related database by continuing to conduct surveys of crime trends and the operations of criminal ...
  • Welcome to the CRCNS data sharing activity website — CRCNS

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  • Data for Data Mining

  • Official Google Blog: A new flavor of Google Trends

  • Time Series Center | Harvard University

  • CinC Challenge 2000 data sets

  • Crime Data Bonanza!

    Offsite — A New Data Set Available through Ohio State University’s Criminal Justice Research Center So you think you know how to analyze time series! Well, how would you like to test your mettle on over 400,000 time series, each with up to 540 data points? The time series in question are monthly data from 1960-2004, for over 17,000 police departments, for seven crime types ...
  • Population by US County: 1980 to 2009

    Free Download — Yearly population count by US county from 1980 to 2009. Format Yearly population count by US county (fips code) from 1980 to 2009 as one tab-separated-values (.tsv) file. One timeseries [1980-2009] per line. Cleaned up and ready for immediate use in Excel, Matlab, R, SQL, etc. Snippet: 01001 32259 31985 32036 32054 32134 32245 32893 33268 33636 ... (snip) 01003 78556 ...