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  • EU Eco-Label

    Offsite — About Information about products and manufacturers that are awarded the EU Eco-Label flower. From [about page](http://www.eco-label.com/european_union_ecolabel.htm): > Over the past ten years, the “Flower” has become a European-wide symbol for products, providing simple and accurate guidance to consumers. All products bearing the “Flower” have been checked by ...
  • MIDAS - Heritage project

    Offsite — From the website: > What is MIDAS? > MIDAS sets out an agreed list of the items or ‘units’ of information that should be included in an inventory or other systematic record of the historic environment. These units of information are grouped together under broad headings or ‘information schemes’. These cover areas such as Monument Character, Events, People and ...
  • Main Page - OpenTextMining

  • ISO 639-3 - Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages

    Offsite — About ISO 639-3 is a list of three letter codes for languages: > ISO 639-3 attempts to provide as complete an enumeration of languages as possible, including living, extinct, ancient, and constructed languages, whether major or minor, written or unwritten. Access/re-use The list can be [viewed](http://www.sil.org/iso639-3/codes.asp) or ...
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Standards for Protection Against Radiation

    Offsite — Laws implemented by the NRC for protection against radiation.