3 datasets
  • List of Dirty, Obscene, Banned and otherwise unacceptable words

    Free Download — A banned word list representing a collection of many lists from around the web of words considered socially unacceptable for one reason or another. What to do with a banned word list? Use this dirty word list to screen for spammers and griefers, to censor dissidents; to better understand the semiotic role of taboo signifiers in an online modality; to monitor user ...
  • Word Lists Collection

    Offsite — The data is a smorgasbord of word lists, including spell check oriented word lists, an inflection database, parts of speech word list, jargon file word lists, the contents from Ispell, spell check dictionaries, tables that convert between American, British and Canadian spellings, and links to several other word lists.
  • List of bad words

    Free Download — A list of bad words.