2 datasets
  • Economic Data from Klepper on Simons

    Offsite — Description 2 datasets: 1. Archive Data on Tire Manufacturers. All the data used in analyses in Steven Klepper and Kenneth L. Simons, “The Making of an Oligopoly: Firm Survival and Technological Change in the Evolution of the U.S. Tire Industry,” Journal of Political Economy, vol. 108 no. 4, August 2000, pp. 728-760. 2. Archive Data on Radio and Television ...
  • Historical Events Markup Language

    Offsite — Title: Historical Event Markup Language Description Historical Event Markup and Linking Project (Heml) provides an XML schema for historical events and a Java Web app which transforms conforming documents into hyperlinked timelines, maps and tables. It aims to provide a most information-rich interchange format for historical data, and thus add a historical ...