5 datasets
  • Juiced Google Analytics Python API: Juice Analytics

  • LETOR: Benchmark Datasets for Learning to Rank

    Offsite — We release two large scale datasets for research on learning to rank: MSLR-WEB30k with more than 30,000 queries and a random sampling of it MSLR-WEB10K with 10,000 queries. The datasets are machine learning data, in which queries and urls are represented by IDs. The datasets consist of feature vectors extracted from query-url pairs along with relevance judgment labels: ...
  • [Wikitech-l] page counters

    Offsite — This presents a kind of ‘what pages are visited’ statistics. It is applied to a squid access-log stream and redirected to profiling agent (webstatscollector) then the hourly snapshots are written in very trivial format. This can be used to both noticing strange activities, as well as spotting trends (specific events show up really nicely), let it be a movie premiere, a ...
  • Wikipedia article traffic statistics

  • FindTheBest.com SEO Software & Tools listing

    Offsite — Find and compare SEO Software and Tools based on size of proprietary database, technology integrations, pricing model, keyword features, backlink features and more.