4 datasets
  • Opinion Extraction, Opinion Mining, Sentiment Analysis, Summarization of Customer Reviews

  • Multi-Domain Sentiment Dataset

  • TweetFeel API

    Offsite — The TweetFeel Twitter Sentiment API allows you programmatically discover real-time sentiment about a particular keyword or phrase using data from Twitter. You can track how your brand is perceived over time, discover customer pain points, or find real-life positive quotes that can help promote your product. More information and a web interface can be found at TweetFeel.
  • Twitter Sentiment Dataset 2008 Debates

    Offsite — Twitter Sentiment Dataset from the 1st 2008 Presidential Debate Nick Diakopoulos and myself analysed the sentiment of tweets to characterize the Presidential debates. You can read about it in this paper. For this work, we collected sentiment judgements on 3,238 tweets from the first 2008 Presidential debate. Some notes about this data: Twitter owners own their tweets. ...