2 datasets
  • Argus Newspaper Collection of Photographs (State Library of Victoria) from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 10.41MB dataset from data.gov.au. This Second World War dataset references images available online covering the war in Europe, Australian troops in the Pacific and activities on the Home Front,  as provided by the State Library of Victoria’s Digital Object Management System. When the Argus, a major daily paper in Melbourne, ceased publication in 1957 its very large ...
  • War memorials in New South Wales from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 4.46MB dataset from data.gov.au. The Register of War Memorials in New South Wales lists the names and campaigns of servicemen and women who died in the line of duty and who have been commemorated on war memorials in NSW. The zip archive contains a tab delimited text file with Windows line endings. The data consists of over 160,000 rows. […]