4 datasets
  • Free Book Usage Data from the University of Huddersfield

    Offsite — The University of Huddersfield released a major portion of their book circulation and recommendation data under an Open Data Commons/CC0 licence. In total, there’s data for over 80,000 titles derived from a pool of just under 3 million circulation transactions spanning a 13 year period. The data they’ve released essentially comes in two big chunks: 1) Circulation Data ...
  • Internet Archive: Details: Amazon ASIN listing and similarity graph

  • RapLeaf API

    Offsite — Whether you’re a new developer or a seasoned pro, you can get started with RapLeaf’s Personalization API with a few simple steps. You will have access to age, gender, and location for any email address you query through the API. And there are plenty more fields available. Using the Personalization API is really simple. RapLeaf’s APIs are built to scale and provide a ...
  • AudioScrobbler Data

    Offsite — Audioscrobbler, which is now merged with last.fm, once published a database of what music people listened to with the audioscrobbler plugin. Last.fm no longer publishes it, however the initial releases were in the public domain so I can offer it for download. Here’s the file: http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~lisa/datasets/profiledata_06-May-2005.tar.gz (135MB compressed, ...