5 datasets
  • Bulk.resource.org

    Offsite — Bulk.resource.org is a service of public.resource.org. Public.resource.org is a non-profit committed to publishing and sharing public domain materials in the United States. This system contains unsupported, as-is copies of selected U.S. government archives, including: The SEC’s EDGAR Database Commerce Business Daily U.S. Copyright Database Patent Full Text Database ...
  • GeoCommons

    Offsite — Description Geocommons is a website for uploading and visualizing datasets with a geospatial component (so they can be plotted on a map). Focus is on visualization rather than the data with tagline: “Explore, Create and Share Intelligent Maps and Geographic Data” Openness: PASS- License: all datasets licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 Access: data provided in kml or ...
  • downloading - flossmole - Google Code - How to get FLOSSmole data for your own use

  • Project Runway Contestant

    Free Download — This dataset consists of a collection of Infoboxes from Wikipedia on the topic of Project Runway Contestant.
  • NPS Focus Digital Library and Research Station

    Offsite — Scope: National. NPS Focus Digital Library and Research Station information system manages images and archives of images as well as documents described by linked metadata and provides cross-repository searching of library catalogs within and external to the NPS. The NPS Focus system is composed of two separate but integrated subsystems: * The NPS Focus Digital Library is ...