3 datasets
  • Airports and Their Locations

    Free Download — A list of over 9,000 global and domestic airport locations. Data includes airport code, geographic coordinates, other geo-related data, and data unique to airports like runway length and elevation. Airports and their surrounding areas are hubs of business activity, in many cases its a tourist’s first glimpse of a city, or in other instance the epicenter of shipments. ...
  • FindTheBest.com Aircraft Bird Strikes listing

    Offsite — Find and compare bird aircraft strikes based on operator, aircraft, flight phase, animal struck, number of birds/wildlife struck, damage and more.
  • FindTheBest.com Aircraft Engines listing

    Offsite — Find and compare aircraft engines based on engine manufacturer, engine model, engine type, horsepower, thrust, engine code and more. Data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).