11 datasets
  • Places of interest in the London Borough of Sutton

    Offsite — A CSV file of places of interest in the London Borough of Sutton as compiled by Sutton Active. Currently with 142 items. The CSV file is dynamically generated from the live database with each request. Please cache locally if you require regular access. No geotags yet but I’m working on it.
  • Placecast Match API

    Offsite — API to reconcile different location service’s identifiers and venues.
  • Louisville Places

    Free Download — This dataset consists of a collection of Infoboxes from Wikipedia on the topic of Louisville Places.
  • NPS Focus Digital Library and Research Station

    Offsite — Scope: National. NPS Focus Digital Library and Research Station information system manages images and archives of images as well as documents described by linked metadata and provides cross-repository searching of library catalogs within and external to the NPS. The NPS Focus system is composed of two separate but integrated subsystems: * The NPS Focus Digital Library is ...
  • Content by CityGrid API

    Free Download — Content by CityGrid® gives you access to rich, local business listings to enhance your existing user experience or create new local destinations. They also provide tools to completely power your local search experience and additional functionality, such as reviews and deals. With the CityGrid APIs, you can create mobile applications and websites that have access to the ...
  • Places API - CityGrid

    Offsite — The CityGrid Places API enables developers to create web and mobile applications that find local businesses, organizations, and points of interest by a variety of search criteria and display content associated with these places. Developers can use search results to position places on a map, perform further refinement or expansion searches, or access full details of a ...
  • Places That Pay - CityGrid

    Offsite — The CityGrid Places API is available to any developer to create mobile applications or websites that display CityGrid place pages. As a CityGrid partner, however, you can publish CityGrid place pages and get paid when your users engage with the content of certain places. The program that monetizes the display of, and interaction with, CityGrid places is called Places ...
  • Places API - Factual

    Offsite — The Factual Places API is a set of wrapper API calls intended to be used for place specific requirements, built on the Core API. The Places API facilitates access to the Factual geodata library. About Factual Factual is an open data platform and community, dedicated to maximizing data accuracy, transparency, and availability.
  • Business Listing API - Fwix

    Offsite — Fwix is geotagging the entire web — organizing all of the web’s content by location. Content. Places. Revenue. It’s all in one place. Build geo-enabled applications on our platform and get access to the most complete places taxonomy, geo tagged content, and quality local ads. The Fwix API allows developers to take advantage of Fwix’s data platform to incorporate local ...
  • Geonames Places

    No Data — The Geonames Places API locates all places within a specified area. Places are any geographic points that can be named. In other words, within a defined area, any geographic point that is “named” will appear as a match for your custom query. The Geonames API database includes over 10 million geographical names and 7.5 million unique features. The combined volume of ...
  • Geonames Places As GeoJSON

    No Data — All entities in the Geonames database as geoJSON. This data set is available with an Infochimps Platform Solution. For availability inquiries, use the Contact Us form to the right.