4 datasets
  • Tom Fahy Discography

    Offsite — This constitutes a complete discography, excluding B-Sides,* for the assemblage of musicians known as Tom Fahy. This list describes a span of productivity commencing in 1991 and ending in 2008. It should be assumed that the group’s core members contributed in-part to releases from the year 1999 through 2008. Releases that predate this span are attributed in whole to Tom ...
  • Beethoven's Piano Sonatas

    Free Download — Do you want to look like a know-it-all in front of all your classically trained friends? Is your insane music history professor making you memorize all the opus numbers of Beethoven’s piano sonatas? Did you forget exactly who Beethoven had a crush on while writing Sonata No. 7? Then this is the data set for you! It contains the sonata number, the opus number, ...
  • FindTheBest.com Music Stores listing

    Offsite — Find and compare musics stores. Includes services offered like clinics, lessons, repairs, rentals, reviews and ratings.
  • FindTheBest.com Musical Instruments listing

    Offsite — Find and compare musical instruments by region, category, material, learning curve, history and more.