3 datasets
  • Chris Pound's Name Generation Page

  • Word List - 250,000+ Hyphenated, Capitalized and Compound English words

    Free Download — A common word list with over 250,000 entries of hyphenated, capitalized and compound English words. The download consists of entries containing more than one word, as well as capitalized words and acronyms. Phrases are considered “common” if they or variations of them occur in a standard dictionary or thesaurus. This word list is available in a simple, ...
  • The Quantz Corpus (Dinosaur Comics)

    Offsite — This is all the text from every Dinosaur Comic ever made in convenient XML format. It was released by the author, Ryan North, as a tool to help solve an anagram presented in the comic for March 1, 2010. The text was also sorted and counted by word, 2 word phrases, and 3 word phrases by Paul Stansifer.