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  • PigTutorial - Pig Wiki

    Offsite — Apache Pig is a platform for analyzing large data sets. Pig’s language, Pig Latin, lets you specify a sequence of data transformations such as merging data sets, filtering them, and applying functions to records or groups of records. Pig comes with many built-in functions but you can also create your own user-defined functions to do special-purpose processing. Pig Latin ...
  • Hyper-threaded Java - Java World

  • googleclusterdata - System traces of production workloads on Google clusters

    Offsite — This project is intended for the distribution of data of production workloads running on Google clusters. The first dataset (data-1), provides traces over a 7 hour period. The workload consists of a set of tasks, where each task runs on a single machine. Tasks consume memory and one or more cores (in fractional units). Each task belongs to a single job; a job may have ...