9 datasets
  • Word Frequencies in Written & Spoken English from British National Corpus (100M-word)

    Offsite — by Geoffrey Leech, Paul Rayson, Andrew Wilson Overview Download word lists Books of English word frequencies have in the past suffered from severe limitations of sample size and breadth. They have also tended to be restricted to word forms alone. Most importantly, almost all have dealt only with written language. This book overcomes these limitations. It is derived from ...
  • Department of Energy - Occupational Radiation Protection

    Offsite — Laws implemented by the Department of Energy for protection against radiation.
  • SF Environment EcoFinder XML feed from DataSF.org

    No Data — The SF Environment EcoFinder is a tool for residents and businesses to find out where to recycle and properly dispose of just about everything. The XML data feed gives the public access to the raw data for the EcoFinder. Category: environment Format: XML Details: Learn more at http://www.sfenvironment.org/ecofinder Frequency: Daily Agency name: SF Environment
  • Restaurant Scores from DataSF.org

    No Data — The Health Department has developed an inspection report and scoring system. Category: human-services Format: MS Access DB Details: Must agree to terms of use by clicking on button at bottom of page before downloading dataset Frequency: Weekly Agency name: Department of Public Health
  • OCC Caseload/Disposition Summary - 1993-2009 from DataSF.org

    No Data — Year-end overview(s) of cases opened, pending completion of investigation, closed and sustained. OCC investigates citizen complaints of police misconduct against SFPD officers. Complaints are considered sustained when at least one allegation against one officer in the case/incident has been found to have merit by a preponderance of the evidence. Category: public-safety ...
  • Excavation Permits from DataSF.org

    No Data — Active Excavation permits issued by DPW Category: public-works Format: CSV Data dictionary: N/A Frequency: Daily Agency name: Department of Public Works – Bureau of Street Use and Mapping
  • Building Permits Filed and Issued from DataSF.org

    No Data — Report of building permits filed and issued Category: housing Format: Excel Details: Explanation of the column headings is available on the document Activity Report Legend: Data dictionary: N/A Frequency: Monthly Time period: Reports available since January 2004 Agency name: Department of Building Inspection
  • Building and Complaint Activity data from DataSF.org

    No Data — Search for permits or complaints by site address, permit number Category: housing Format: web Data dictionary: N/A Frequency: on demand Time period: Live data Agency name: Department of Building Inspection
  • District of Columbia (DC) Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) Summary Reports

    Offsite — DC Government provides public access to city operational geodata in an effort to increase transparency. Citizens may access prepared reports to monitor government performance, providing a greater accountability for those business groups and agencies included. Current reports are based on operational data provided by DCRA, DDOT, MPD, OTR and the Citywide Call Center. ...