2 datasets
  • NORB Object Recognition Dataset, Fu Jie Huang, Yann LeCun, New York University

    Offsite — This database is intended for experiments in 3D object reocgnition from shape. It contains images of 50 toys belonging to 5 generic categories: four-legged animals, human figures, airplanes, trucks, and cars. The objects were imaged by two cameras under 6 lighting conditions, 9 elevations (30 to 70 degrees every 5 degrees), and 18 azimuths (0 to 340 every 20 degrees). ...
  • Image Parsing Datasets

    Offsite — Indeed, the “dataset issue” is a big challenge against every researcher who takes Computer Vision seriously. There are dozens of problems that remain unanswered, such as: How to build a general image database without bias to purpose? How to create a benchmark that reflects the real-world difficulty of image understanding? How to guarantee the correctness of annotation? ...