3 datasets
  • Twitter Census: Influence Metrics

    No Data — The service for this API has ceased Our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause. Twitter influence – how to measure it? Let us count the ways: enthusiasm, feedness, sway, follow churn, trstrank, followers, outflux, interesting, chattiness, follow rate, influx… How Does The Twitter Influence API Work? The Twitter Influence API performs a “scrape” of the social ...
  • Search Query Performance report - Google AdWords Help Center

  • Controller's Office Bimonthly Government Barometer from DataSF.org

    Offsite — The goal of the Government Barometer is to share key performance information with the public in order to increase transparency, create dialog, and build the public’s confidence regarding the City’s management of public business. Category: admin-finance Format: XLS Details: Data is on second tab of XLS file Data dictionary: Descriptions on first tab of XLS file Frequency: ...