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  • Sparse Matrix Collection : Sparse Matrices From a Wide Range of Applications

    Offsite — These matrices cover a wide spectrum of domains, include those arising from problems with underlying 2D or 3D geometry (such as structural engineering, computational fluid dynamics, model reduction, electromagnetics, semiconductor devices, thermodynamics, materials, acoustics, computer graphics/vision, robotics/kinematics, and other discretizations) and those that ...
  • Sampling Techniques for Massive Data - Google Video

  • p2psim - kingdata : DNS server latency network distance matrices

  • Matrix Market

    Offsite — A visual repository of test data for use in comparative studies of algorithms for numerical linear algebra, featuring nearly 500 sparse matrices from a variety of applications, as well as matrix generation tools and services. Currently, 482 individual matrices and 25 matrix generators are available. The database now includes the entire Harwell-Boeing Sparse Matrix ...
  • Sep Kamvar / Personalization /

  • NCAA College Basketball: Measured Probability of Home team winning with lead vs time remaining

    Offsite — The WP modeling technique I use is sometimes called an ‘empirical matrix.’ I took a set of play-by-play data from recent years of NCAA regular season games 1,782 games from the past 3 years—360 thousand in-game observations in all] and divided it ...
  • Employment Projections

    Offsite — The Employment Projections Program develops information about the labor market for the Nation as a whole for 10 years in the future. Additional facts from data.gov Dataset Summary Date Updated: Biennial Time Period: 10-year period Data.gov Data Category Type: Raw Data Catalog Frequency: Biennial Specialized Data Category Designation: Statistical Contributing Agency ...