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  • RapLeaf API

    Offsite — Whether you’re a new developer or a seasoned pro, you can get started with RapLeaf’s Personalization API with a few simple steps. You will have access to age, gender, and location for any email address you query through the API. And there are plenty more fields available. Using the Personalization API is really simple. RapLeaf’s APIs are built to scale and provide a ...
  • Arabic Sports Keywords

    Free Download — A list of the most popular sports-related keywords in the Arabic languages, mainly from Arab countries. This dataset show the keywords and how many times they were requested on Google and appeared for a sports advertiser. Problems with numbers: 1. Not all campaigns have the same budgets due to targeting and pricing issues, so this will affect the accuracy 2. The ...
  • SutiCRM Management : Marketing and Sales Automation Solutions

    No Data — CRM Management is a company-wide business strategy tailored to reduce cost and increase profitability by strengthening the customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. Nowadays fulfilling the demands of the customer’s has become more complex, difficult and unmanageable. In any business, Customer Relationship Management process works as to handle the customers personally ...
  • FindTheBest.com Email Marketing Services listing

    Offsite — Find and compare the best email-marketing service providers by pricing options, level of customer support, number of email templates, delivery methods, social connectivity, and more.