4 datasets
  • GeoNames.org Postal Code files - US Zip Code Geolocations

    Free Download — Find US zip code data and corresponding latitude and longitude in a simple text format. This zip code data set is organized alphabetically and includes every US zip code, along with the corresponding city, state, latitude and longitude. Looking for more geo data? Check out the 2010 Census Demographic Profiles API to add demographics details to your geo analysis! Format ...
  • Netherlands - Places, Mail Codes, Streets and Geo-Coordinates Database

    Free Download — Contains two tsv files. The file named 4pp.tsv contains the 4 digit post codes for the Netherlands (1000-9999). The other, 6pp.tsv list contains all mail codes (1000 AA till 9999 XL) by province. Field names are included as headers in the data files themselves. Fields: 4pp.tsv Short name Type 4PP Integer place_of_residence String alternative_spellings String ...
  • Semaphore Zip Code databases

    Offsite — Zip+4 data, address scrubbing, routes, lat/long to zip code, and more
  • Planning Department's Neighborhood Mailing List from DataSF.org

    Offsite — List of neighborhood groups and contact details. Category: environment Format: Excel Details: You will be asked for a username and password when downloading the data. Please enter: – username: cplanpub1 – password: !pl@nning Frequency: Quarterly Time period: September 2010 Agency name: City & County of San Francisco Planning Department