machine learning

4 datasets
  • MIT Media Lab: Reality Mining

    Offsite — The Reality Mining data is available as a Matlab workspace. Reality Mining defines the collection of machine-sensed environmental data pertaining to human social behavior. This new paradigm of data mining makes possible the modeling of conversation context, proximity sensing, and temporospatial location throughout large communities of individuals. Mobile phones (and ...
  • LETOR: Benchmark Datasets for Learning to Rank

    Offsite — We release two large scale datasets for research on learning to rank: MSLR-WEB30k with more than 30,000 queries and a random sampling of it MSLR-WEB10K with 10,000 queries. The datasets are machine learning data, in which queries and urls are represented by IDs. The datasets consist of feature vectors extracted from query-url pairs along with relevance judgment labels: ...
  • CMU Machinelearning Project

    Offsite — Links to several data sets including: The StarPlus fMRI contains data, software and documentation on the fMRI data set for the StarPlus data. The Berkeley Segmentation Dataset and Benchmark contains a collection of 12,000 hand-labeled segmentations of 1,000 Corel dataset images from 30 human subjects. Half of the segmentations were obtained from presenting the subject ...
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining - Datasets

    Offsite — Included are the datasets used for the ICML 2005 paper “Clustering through ranking on Manifolds,” as well as the Yale Face Database of photographs used in the study. Also included are the indexes for the images that were used in the random 90/10 splits.