4 datasets
  • We Rule marketplace

    Offsite — Detailed breakdown of the earning value and cost of buildings and crops
  • Uber Anonymized GPS Logs

    Free Download — Uber allows anyone to request a ride with a private driver via a smart phone app or text message. The cars are all high-end sedans or SUVs and payment is handled seamlessly via a credit card tied to the customer’s Uber account. Tip is included in the fare, so there’s no need to carry cash or hand money to the driver! Every driver has an iPhone running an Uber app that ...
  • Emoji Symbols: Unicode and Mobile Phone code points, icons and icon URLs

    Offsite — Emoji are those awesomely cute (or annoyingly cutesy) icons that many mobile phones let you insert into messages. Thanks, Japan! While you browse the data, please enjoy this song that @dianakimball wrote about emoji e-438 / unicode U+1F458 (*), We Are Sitting (Together in Kimonos). The unicode.org emoji dataset gives Unicode and Mobile Phone code points, icons and icon ...
  • FindTheBest.com Smartphones listing

    Offsite — Find and compare smartphones. Our smartphone comparison allows you to find and compare the best smartphones based on expert ratings, price, screen size, features, weight, battery life, and more.