3 datasets
  • Infochimps Complete Data Set Catalog

    Free Download — This is a complete dump of all data and metadata publicly available through Infochimps.com.
  • Infochimps Site Metadata Dump

    Free Download — A full dump of all the metadata in the Infochimps repository. Includes complete information on collections, datasets, sources, licenses, tags, and fields.
  • Anthropomorphic Chimps by Awesomeness

    Free Download — The “Anthropomorphic Chimps by Awesomeness” data API features a rare set of anthropomorphic chimps never seen to the world and their rating by awesomeness. This rating is calculated using an algorithm that considers eight factors of awesomeness, including 1.) rarity, 2.) fashion savvy, 3.) powers of persuasion, 4.) ability to survive in a street fight, 5.) worldliness, ...