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  • New York City Subway Ridership, 1905-2006

    Offsite — Download a spreadsheet containing the annual registrations, or recorded entries, at each station in the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority subway system from 1905-2006. Posted by Michael Frumin.
  • The Supreme Court Database

    Offsite — The Supreme Court Database contains over two hundred pieces of information about each case decided by the Court between the 1953 and 2008 terms. Examples include the identity of the court whose decision the Supreme Court reviewed, the parties to the suit, the legal provisions considered in the case, and the votes of the Justices. Available for download in CSV, R Data ...
  • History of the World (1800 - 2006)

    Free Download — Topical History of the World.
  • Daily Global Weather Measurements, 1929-2009 (NCDC, GSOD)

    Offsite — Data originally collected as part of the Global Surface Summary of Day (GSOD) by the National Climactic Data Center (NCDC). Data collected, transformed, and uploaded by Infochimps.org. Global summary of day data for 18 surface meteorological elements are derived from the synoptic/hourly observations contained in USAF DATSAV3 Surface data and Federal Climate Complex ...
  • New York Times Article Archive (13 million articles)

    Offsite — New York Times Article Archive The complete backfile of The New York Times can now be searched from NYTimes.com, over 13 million articles in all. Article Archive: 1981-Present (Text Only Format) If you are looking for a New York Times article published since Jan. 1, 1981, search our Article Archive: 1981-Present. Articles are free back to 1987. You can purchase the full ...
  • WeatherBug API

    Offsite — WeatherBug is the worlds best source for intelligent weather information. The WeatherBug API lets developers tap into that data source and develop their own customized weather applications, or utilize intelligent weather information in their own applications and web sites.
  • Australian Gas Light Company maps from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 8.70KB dataset from data.gov.au. Gas mains laid in areas including City of Sydney to Walsh Bay, Darling Harbour to Pyrmont, Ultimo, Redfern, Woolloomooloo, Darlinghurst and Chippendale, 1870.
  • Sydney maps 1917 from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 394.67KB dataset from data.gov.au. Produced by the NSW Dept. of Lands in 1917, maps of municipalities of Annandale, Ashfield, Balmain, Botany, Canterbury, Darlington, The Glebe, Hurstville, Kogarah, Lane Cove, Leichhardt, Marrickville, Mascot, Mosman, Newtown, North Sydney, Petersham, Randwick, Rockdale, Willoughby. Shows reclamations, special leases, resumptions and ...
  • Sydney bond store maps 1894 from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 12.82KB dataset from data.gov.au. 26 maps of bond stores and warehouses around Port Jackson and Darling Harbour. The goods entering into harbours remained in the bond stores until importers paid the duty on goods. Published in 1894.
  • First Fleet maps from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 13.31KB dataset from data.gov.au. Maps of early Sydney and the Pacific produced by members of the First Fleet.
  • War memorials in New South Wales from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 4.46MB dataset from data.gov.au. The Register of War Memorials in New South Wales lists the names and campaigns of servicemen and women who died in the line of duty and who have been commemorated on war memorials in NSW. The zip archive contains a tab delimited text file with Windows line endings. The data consists of over 160,000 rows. […]
  • Photographs of NSW life pre 1955 from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 69.31MB dataset from data.gov.au. Almost 40 000 photographs from various State Library of NSW collections, including the Holtermann Collection of goldfields photographs, the Perier Collection (photographs of streets and buildings in Sydney, Canberra and the Blue Mountains; Sydney theatres, productions and personalities, ca 1890-1950s) and selections from the Sam Hood ...
  • World War One photographs by Frank Hurley from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 59.42KB dataset from data.gov.au. This series of photographs, taken August 1917- August 1918, was exhibited at The Kodak Salon, George Street, Sydney, in early 1919. The listing below is from the catalogue: `Catalogue of an exhibition of war photographs by Capt. F. Hurley, late official photographer with the A.I.F., held at the Kodak Salon, Sydney’
  • Maps of the Southern Hemisphere 16th-18th centuries from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 46.86KB dataset from data.gov.au. A selection of over 60 rare maps from the 16th to the 18th centuries which chart islands and continents of the Southern Hemisphere, originally exhibited in the State Library of NSW’s Crux exhibition in 2000.
  • Photographs of Sydney before 1885 from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 487.31KB dataset from data.gov.au. Over one thousand photographs of Sydney streets, public buildings, views in the Harbour, suburbs etc., chiefly pre 1885.
  • NSW newspapers catalogue data from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 10.70MB dataset from data.gov.au. New South Wales newspapers held in the collections of the State Library of New South Wales. Catalogue data includes titles, publication details, dates, geographical locations and subjects. Extracted from the Library’s printed books catalogue, Millennium.
  • Fire insurance maps, Sydney block plans, 1919-1940 from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 81.52KB dataset from data.gov.au. Fire and Accident Underwriters Association detailed survey maps of Sydney city block plans, 1919-1940. These maps show streets and buildings, their owners or occupiers, the building structures and materials, machinery in commercial usage, and fire protection facilities.
  • SA Memory (State Library of South Australia) from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 1.43MB dataset from data.gov.au. A selected and wide range of digitised archival and published materials (3,339) from the State Library of South Australia’s SA Memory program. SA Memory is an online gateway to South Australian history, heritage and culture. This multimedia website focuses on the South Australian experience – what makes South Australia unique. SA ...
  • First Fleet Collection from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 1.83MB dataset from data.gov.au. Around 3 000 images from the State Library of NSW’s First Fleet collection of diaries, correspondence and drawings, ca 1786-1802. Comprising nine of the eleven known First Fleet journals, including two versions of Philip Gidley King’s journal, correspondence and artworks of First Fleeters. Some of the manuscript material includes ...
  • Searchable Execution Database | Death Penalty Information Center

    Offsite — This list includes all executions since 1976. For an historical database of executions, visit the Espy Database page (PDF). The search by Name function works with partial names, last or first names, or whole names; you can search for a range of dates, races, or factors for all executions. Federal Executions have their own category and will not show in the results for ...