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  • World of Warcraft Avatar History (WoWAH) Dataset

    Offsite — From the perspective of game system designers, players’ behavior is one of the most important factors they must consider when designing game systems. To gain a fundamental understanding of the game play behavior of online gamers, exploring users’ game play time provides a good starting point. This is because the concept of game play time is applicable to all genres of ...
  • U.S. Government Photos and Graphics

    Offsite — About Collection of links to different US image collections in the public domain. Openness > Most of these images and graphics are available for use in the public domain, and they may be used and reproduced without permission or fee. However, some images may be protected by license. We strongly recommend you thoroughly read the disclaimers on each site before use. ...
  • Amsterdam Museum Data Set (RDF)

    Offsite — The Amsterdam Museum dataset describes more than 70,000 cultural heritage objects related to the city of Amsterdam described by the museum. The metadata was retrieved from an XML Web API of the museum’s Adlib collection database and converted to RDF compliant with the Europeana Data Model (EDM). This makes the Amsterdam Museum data the first of its kind to be officially ...
  • Old Weather - Our Weather's Past, the Climate's Future

    Offsite — Help scientists recover worldwide weather observations made by Royal Navy ships around the time of World War I. These transcriptions will contribute to climate model projections and improve a database of weather extremes. Historians will use your work to track past ship movements and the stories of the people on board.
  • European State Finance Database

    Offsite — Description From the front page: > An International Project concerned with the collection of the sources and data of European Fiscal History and their interpretation, funded in 1989-90 by the British Academy and in 1990-3 by the Economic and Social Research Council (Award No. R000231968). ©ESFDB March 1995 Openness: Uncertain Access: all data available for ...
  • History Commons

    Offsite — About From [about](http://www.historycommons.org/aboutsite.jsp) page: > What is the History Commons website? > The History Commons website is run by the Center for Grassroots Oversight (“CGO”), an organization that is fiscally sponsored by The Global Center, a 501©3 non-profit organization. CGO was incorporated as a public benefit corporation in late 2006, and is ...
  • Economic History Services Databases

    Offsite — Title: EH.Net Databases Description From <http://eh.net/about> > “EH.Net operates the Economic History Services web site and several electronic mailing lists to provide resources and promote communication among scholars in economic history and related fields. EH.Net is supported by the Economic History Association and other affiliated organizations: the Business ...
  • Website Attica: Persons of Ancient Athens

    Offsite — Description From the website: > Website Attica complements and enhances the published volumes of Persons of Ancient Athens. The addenda et corrigenda to the published volumes, which are issued as a supplement to PAA periodically, are regularly updated at this web site. Searches may be made 10,000 names of the ATHENIANS database in beta, gamma, and delta (second half ...
  • World Population, GDP and Per Capita GDP, 1-2003 AD

    Offsite — Author Angus Maddison Openness: Not open No license Plus following statement attached to link to data: “Last update: March 2007, copyright Angus Maddison” Format xls (excel)
  • Open History

    Offsite — Collection of articles – mostly about Japanese history. Started in 2001 and last updated in 2006-09-18.
  • Historical Events Markup Language

    Offsite — Title: Historical Event Markup Language Description Historical Event Markup and Linking Project (Heml) provides an XML schema for historical events and a Java Web app which transforms conforming documents into hyperlinked timelines, maps and tables. It aims to provide a most information-rich interchange format for historical data, and thus add a historical ...
  • CIA World Factbook Grep in Python

    Offsite — This project is a Python script that parses the CIA’s World Factbook, searches for a specific property, like population, and prints this property for all countries in the database. Type: grepCia.py capital and you’ll get a list of countries and capitals. It works for almost all properties specified in the CIA dataset. The program makes a good start for any CIA data ...
  • ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political &amp; Social Resource): 500,000 data sets metaindex

    Offsite — ICPSR offers more than 500,000 digital files containing social science research data. Disciplines represented include political science, sociology, demography, economics, history, gerontology, criminal justice, public health, foreign policy, ...
  • History Of Portugal

    Free Download — This dataset consists of a collection of Infoboxes from Wikipedia on the topic of History Of Portugal.
  • Brooklyn Museum API

    Offsite — RESTful API for programmatically searching the Brooklyn Museum’s digitized collection of more than 10,000 individual works. Free for non-commercial use with a limit of 3,000 API calls a day. Review the Brooklyn Museum API Terms of Use.
  • Chronicling America API

    Offsite — Open programmatic access to information about historic American newspapers (1690-present) and select digitized newspaper pages (1880-1922). Returns results in Atom or Linked Data via RDF. Searching newspaper pages is also possible via OpenSearch. No API key or registration needed. Sponsored jointly by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress ...
  • New York City Baby Name Data

    Offsite — Two CSV files available for download: all New York City baby names dating back to 1920, and New York City baby names broken down by ethnicity, dating back to 1990. Data supplied by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, compiled by Jennifer 8. Lee for the New York Times City Room Blog.
  • Freebase API

    Offsite — Query the Freebase shared database of the world’s knowledge via a JSON-based query language. See also: Freebase Data Dumps and Freebase Acre
  • Freebase Data Dumps

    Offsite — Full data dumps of the Freebase shared database of the world’s knowledge. Available in tab-separated values format and a low-level link export suitable for converting into RDF or XML. Creative Commons Attribution license. See also: Freebase API and Freebase Wikipedia Extraction (WEX).
  • LibraryThing Web Services API

    Offsite — RESTful XML-based API for querying the LibraryThing Common Knowledge database of interesting facts about books. Developer key required. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. See the announcement on LibraryThing for more information. See also the LibraryThing Books API.