6 datasets
  • PyGTrends: Python API for Google Trends Data

    Offsite — This python module is a quasi-API to make it easier to authenticate into Google Trends for those who want to squeeze the extra level of functionality out of their data. The advantage of programmatic access is that the data can be automatically trended and merged. It can be snuck into a 9:00 AM daily email to the VP of Marketing so that she knows to ramp up Google Adwords ...
  • im2gps: estimating geographic information from a single image

  • G3DATA

  • Computer hacker wordlists from packetstormsecurity.org

  • Hostnames of Internet addresses suspected of SSH password authentication attacks

    Offsite — Dragon Research Group (DRG) sshpwauth report Entries consist of fields with identifying characteristics of a a source IP address that has been seen attempting to remotely login to a host using SSH password authentication. This report lists hosts that are highly suspicious and are likely conducting malicious SSH password authentication attacks. Each entry is sorted ...
  • The Daylife API

    Offsite — Daylife’s Application Programming Interface provides developers — and code-savvy editors and publishers — a web accessible interface to Daylife’s news aggregation and analysis service. The Daylife API is robust and battle-tested, receiving over one billion calls per month. With Daylife you can focus on your content, brand, and audience while they handle the plumbing, ...