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  • U.S. Lobbying Databases

    Offsite — Lobbyist information, made available by the U.S. Senate Office of Public Records in accordance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA). XML format.
  • Notices from the London Gazette

    Offsite — All notices published in the London Gazette, the UK government’s official journal and newspaper of record, in XML from February 2007 to May 2008.

    Offsite — Web framework for accessing the 300,000 U.S. federal government documents that comprise the LOUIS database. The documents are scraped daily from the Government Printing Office website, GPOAccess.gov.
  • MAPLight Candidates Financial Summary API

    Offsite — Query U.S. House and Senate candidate funding data from MAPLight.org. See also: MAPLight.org: Special Interest Categories and Bill Research.
  • MAPLight Bill Positions API

    Offsite — Query MAPLight.org’s original research on supporting and opposing interests for U.S. legislative bills. Returns results in JSON or XML. See also: MAPLight Candidates Financial Summary API and MAPLight.org: Special Interest Categories and Bill Research.
  • MAPLight.org: Special Interest Categories and Bill

    Offsite — The 400+ interest categories used by MAPLight.org, the National Institute on Money in State Politics (Follow the Money) and the Center for Responsive Politics (Open Secrets) to categorize political campaign contributions. Bill research used by MAPLight. Originally contributed by MAPLight to Watchdog.net. Microsoft Excel and CSV formats. See also: MAPLight API.
  • MassGIS

    Offsite — Geographic and environmental data available for download from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s Geographic Information System. Base map data includes roads, topographic features, and political boundaries. Other data includes crime and demographic data sliced geographically. MassGIS distributes vector data in Shapefile format and raster (image) data in TIFF, MrSID, JPEG ...
  • Mobile Commons Legislative Lookup API

    Offsite — Database that matches latitude and longtitude with the U.S. congressional and state legislators for that location. Available as an API and as a standalone Rails application for download under an MIT License. By Mobile Commons.
  • National Center for Health Statistics Data Warehou

    Offsite — Downloadable data on U.S. health topics including vital statistics, aging, immunization, health care and nutrition.
  • UK Neighbourhood Statistics API

    Offsite — SOAP-based API from the UK Office of National Statistics for accessing data about UK neighborhoods. Includes data on the 2001 Census, Access to Services, Community Well-Being/Social Environment, Crime and Safety, Economic Deprivation, Education, Skills and Training, Health and Care, Housing, Indicators, Indices of Deprivation, People and Society, Physical Environment and ...
  • The New York Times Campaign Finance API

    Offsite — Retrieve political campaign contribution and expenditure data based on United States Federal Election Commission filings. Data available in JSON, XML or serialized PHP. Registration required. See the announcement on Open for more information.
  • New Zealand Hansard

    Offsite — Text of New Zealand parliamentary debates. No developer-friendly download options; HTML parsing required.
  • New Zealand Legislation

    Offsite — Text of New Zealand Acts, Bills and Regulations. Their RSS feed can be put to good use. submitted by: Rob McKinnon
  • OECD.Stat

    Offsite — Search for and extract data from across the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s databases.
  • OpenCongress API

    Offsite — Programmatic access to all the data on OpenCongress, from official bill information to user-generated votes on bills. API key required.
  • The New York State Senate Open Legislation Service

    Offsite — Browse, search and download legislative information from the New York State Senate. Structured legislative information available in XML, CSV and JSON formats. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
  • Open Secrets

    Offsite — Data on money in U.S. politics, collected and published by the Center for Responsive Politics. See also: MAPLight.org: Special Interest Categories and Bill Research
  • Parliament Parser

    Offsite — Structured data about Members of British Parliament.
  • Party Time Data Pack

    Offsite — Download a CSV of the data powering Party Time, the Sunlight Foundation’s political partying database which tracks parties for members of Congress and congressional candidates.
  • The Public Whip Data: British MP Voting Records

    Offsite — Data for British MP votes for each division, attendance and rebelliousness rates. In .txt, .dat, XML and text dumps of MySQL tables.