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  • Capitol Words API

    Offsite — The Capitol Words API provides several methods of accessing detailed information from the Capitol Words database of word frequency from the U.S. Congressional Record. Returns results in JSON and XML.
  • CIA World Factbook

    Offsite — Public-domain information about the countries of the world from the U.S. government, downloadable as a compressed Zip of HTML files.
  • New York City Baby Name Data

    Offsite — Two CSV files available for download: all New York City baby names dating back to 1920, and New York City baby names broken down by ethnicity, dating back to 1990. Data supplied by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, compiled by Jennifer 8. Lee for the New York Times City Room Blog.
  • Civic Footprint API

    Offsite — Look up the political geography of any address in Cook County, Illinois.
  • The New York Times Congress API

    Offsite — Get biographical information on Congresspeople dating back to 1947 and voting records dating back to 1989 in JSON and XML. Based on information from THOMAS, senate.gov, and house.gov. Read the announcement on Open for more information. See also the New York Times Congress API Ruby Wrapper with Congresh Shell.
  • New York Times Congress API Ruby Wrapper with Cong

    Offsite — An easy Ruby wrapper for the New York Times Congress API. Also provides a command shell called Congresh for interacting with the API directly. Available for download under an MIT License.submitted by: Patrick Ewing
  • Doing Business: Full Data

    Offsite — Data on business regulations and their enforcement across 178 countries and selected cities. A project of the World Bank. Tables downloadable in Microsoft Excel format. See also: World Bank API and World Bank Data & Statistics.
  • Washington, D.C. Citywide Data Warehouse

    Offsite — The Washington, D.C. Citywide Data Warehouse, also known as the DC Data Catalog, is a comprehensive collection of government activity data from the District of Columbia.
  • Elev.at

    Offsite — Web API that converts legacy/proprietary files, such as XLS, into XML in real-time so that it can be consumed by your web, mobile and desktop apps. Created out of the need to consume data from NYC Data Mine, Data.gov and DataSF, which often contain datasets that are updated regularly but in proprietary formats. Check out some of the government datasets that are known to ...
  • Enron Email Mailbox PST Dataset

    Offsite — This refined version of the CALO Enron Email Dataset is available as 148 PST files, complete with original folder structure, to preserve user information associated with the emails. Licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.submitted by: John Wang
  • FARAdb: Foreign Agent Registration Act Database

    Offsite — The Foreign Agent Registration Act requires the U.S. Justice Department to maintain detailed reports of lobbying firms hired by foreign governments and by organizations controlled by foreign governments. FARAdb is a database of these reports, searchable by lobbying firm, client or member of Congress’s office contacted. Data downloadable in CSV format. A project of ...
  • U.S. Federal Election Commission Campaign Finance

    Offsite — U.S. political campaign finance data, downloadable in comma-delimited ASCII text. See also the Maplight API and New York Times Campaign Finance API.
  • FedSpending.org

    Offsite — Access to U.S. government spending information. Data can be downloaded in comma-delimited ASCII text, tab-delimited ASCII text and XML, and there’s an API as well.
  • Follow the Money API

    Offsite — Web framework for accessing the National Institute on Money in State Politics’ database of all campaign contributions to political campaigns at the state level. See also: MAPLight.org: Special Interest Categories and Bill Research
  • U.S. Copyright Renewal Records

    Offsite — U.S. copyright renewal records, downloadable as a single XML file. By Google software engineer Jarkko Hietaniemi. Public domain.
  • GovTrack Government Activity Data

    Offsite — A directory of the datasets that power GovTrack.us. RDF, CSV and XML formats. Learn more about the GovTrack backend.
  • IllinoisTrack.us: Raw Data

    Offsite — The data powering IllinoisTrack.us, harvested from the Illinois General Assembly website, made available in XML. By Josh Sulkin.
  • Law Commons

    Offsite — Source files and information on AltLaw.org, the full-text searchable database of U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Appellate case reports. Case reports are downloadable via FTP.
  • Legislative Council of California Bill Index

    Offsite — California legislative data, available in ASCII text.
  • LittleSis API

    Offsite — The LittleSis API exposes the raw data used on the LittleSis website, and consists of basic information about powerful individuals and organizations (“entities”), and the relationships between them. Returns results in XML or JSON. API key required.